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Harcourt, William George Granville Venables Vernon

Born: 1827 AD
Died: 1904 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Politician

1827 – Born on October 14th in York, Yorkshire, England. British lawyer, journalist, politician, and cabinet member in five British Liberal governments.

1854 – Harcourt briefly taught international law at the University of Cambridge.

1868 – Entered the House of Commons.

1873-1874 – Harcourt served Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone as solicitor general.

         – He was knighted.

1886 – He was the chancellor of the Exchequer.

1894 – Achieved a major reform in death duties, or estate taxation.

         – Remained as chancellor of the Exchequer in the 5th Earl of Rosebery’s government and became leader of the House of Commons.

         – By imposing a graduated tax on the total estate of a deceased person, Harcourt’s legislation was capable of producing much more revenue than taxes only on the amounts inherited by beneficiaries.

1898 – Resigned as leader of the Liberal opposition in the Commons.

1903 – He attacked British imperialism in the Transvaal and the protective-tariff proposals of Joseph Chamberlain.

1904 – Died on October 1st in Nuneham Courtnay, Oxfordshire.