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Hancock, John

Born: 1737 AD
Died: 1793 AD

1737 – Born on January 12th in Braintree (now in Quincy), Massachusetts. An American Revolutionary leader and first signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

1754 – Hancock entered a mercantile house in Boston owned by his uncle Thomas Hancock, who later left him a large fortune.

1765 – He became a selectman of Boston.

1969 – Hancock was a member of the Massachusetts General Court.

         – He was chairman of the Boston town committee formed immediately after the Boston Massacre to demand the removal of British troops from the city.

1774-1775 – Hancock was president of the first and second provincial congresses, and he shared with Samuel Adams the leadership of the Massachusetts Patriots.

         – Hancock was a member and served as the president of the Continental Congress.

1780 – Hancock was a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention and in the same year was elected governor of the state.

1785-1786 – He served in Congress under the Articles of Confederation and then returned to the governorship.

1788 – He presided over the Massachusetts Convention that ratified the federal Constitution, although he had been unfriendly at first toward the document.

1793 – Died October 8th in Quincy, Massachusetts while serving his ninth term as governor.