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Hals, Frans

Born: 1581 AD
Died: 1666 AD
Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Painters

1580 – Born in Antwerp.

1616 – His ‘breakthrough’ came with the life-size group portrait, The Banquet of the Officers of the St George Militia Company.

1620 – He painted many double portraits of married couples, on separate panels, the man on the left panel, his wife at his right.

1641 – He showed a tendency to restrict the gamut of his palette, and to suggest color rather than express it.

1644 – Hals appeared in the ranks of its military guilds. He was also a member of the Chamber of Rhetoric, and  chairman of the Painters Corporation at Haarlem.

1652 – His creditors took him to court several times, and to settle his debt with a baker he sold his belongings.

1666 – Died on the 26th of August in Haarlem and was buried in the city’s St. Bavo Church.