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Hall, Marshall

Born: 1790 AD
Died: 1857 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Physicians

1790 – Born on the 18th of February, at Basford, near Nottingham

1809 – He entered a chemist’s shop at Newark, and began to study medicine at Edinburgh University.

1811 – He was elected senior president of the Royal Medical Society; the following year he took the M.D. degree, and was immediately appointed resident house physician to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

1817 – He settled at Nottingham, he published his Diagnosis.

1818 – He wrote the Mimoses, a work on the affections denominated bilious, nervous, etc.

1825 – He became physician to the Nottingham general hospital.

1826 – He removed to London, and in the following year he published his Commentaries on the more important diseases of females.

1830 – He issued his Observations on Blood-letting, founded on researches on the morbid and curative effects of loss of blood, which were acknowledged by the medical profession to be of vast practical value,

1831 – His Experimental Essay on the Circulation of the Blood in the Capillary Vessels, in which he showed that the blood-channels intermediate between arteries and veins serve the office of bringing the fluid blood into contact with the material tissues of the system.

1857 – Died at Brighton of a throat affection, aggravated by lecturing, on the 11th of August.