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Guareschi, Giovannino

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1968 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Humorist, Journalist, Satirists

1908 – Guareschi was born in Parma, Italy on May 1, 1908.

1926 – His family went bankrupt and he could not continue his studies in the University of Parma. He started to write for a local newspaper.

1929 – Became editor of the satirical magazine "Corriere Emiliano".

1936-1943 – Became chief editor of a satirical magazzine called "Bertoldo". During the WWII, he openly criticized Mussolini’s government. He was drafted into the army and his position was an artillery officer.

1948 – After the war, he returned to Italy and founded the satirical magazine "Candido". He criticize and satirized the Communists party in his magazine.

1954 – Guareschi was charged with libel suit after he published a fake wartime letter from resistance leader Gasperi and was sentenced for twelve months.

1956 – Deteriorating health force him to go to Switzerland for health reasons.

1957 – Retired from his post as editor of Candido but remained as a contributor.

1968 – Guareschi suffered a fatal heart attack on July 22, 1968.