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Grimoard, Guillaume de

Born: 1310 AD
Died: 1370 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Popes

1310 – Born in Languedoc, France. Urban V was a man of austere life and great piety. As a patron of learning, he founded new universities at Orange, Kraków, and Vienna.

1353 – He became abbot of Saint-Germain, Auxerre.

1361 – Became abbot of Saint-Victor, Marseille.

1362 – He was elected successor to Innocent VI and was crowned at Avignon, seat of the papacy.

1365 – Planned to re-establish at Rome, despite French opposition.

         – He helped to restore peace in Italy and began to reform the Avignonese Curia.

1370 – Renewed strife in Rome and the Papal States led Urban to decide to return to Avignon.

         – Died on December 19th in Avignon, Provence.