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Grimm, Wilhelm

Born: 1786 AD
Died: 1859 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Authors, Philologist

1786 – Born on February 24th in Hanau, Germany. German folklorist, noted for "Grimm’s Fairy Tales".

1806 – He began studying in Marburg.

1812 – Wilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm and Gorres published Children’s and Household Tales, where Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Hansel and Gretel first appeared.

1814 – He was named Secretary at Kassel Library and later on he joint his brother at Gottingen Library.

1825 – Married to Henriette "Dortchen" Dorothea Wild on May 15th.

1837 – Because of a polemical pamphlet against the breach of constitution by the King of Hannover, Ernst August II, they, along with five other professors, lost their positions.

1841 – He became a member of the Science Faculty of Berlin.

1859 – Died on December 15th in Berlin at the age of 73.