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Gregor, William

Born: 1761 AD
Died: 1817 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Chemists

1761 – Born in Trewarthenick, Cornwall  England on the 25th of December.

1784 – He was educated at Bristol Grammar School, where he became interested in chemistry, then after two years with a private tutor entered St John’s College, Cambridge from where he graduated.

1790 – He married Charlotte Anne Gwatkin in 1790 and they had one daughter.

1791 – While studying ilmenite from the Manaccan valley, he isolated the calx of an unknown metal which he named manaccanite.

         – Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered what we now known as titanium in the mineral rutile.

         – He named it Titanium after the Titans of Greek Mythology, eventually it was clarified that Gregor made the discovery first

         – Gregor was credited with the discovery, but the element kept the name chosen by Klaproth. Gregor later found titanium in corundum from Tibet, and in a tourmaline from a local tin mine.

1817 – Died of tuberculosis on the 11th of June and was buried in a nearby churchyard.