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Green, Tom

Born: 1971 AD
Currently alive, at 50 years of age.
Nationality: Canadian
Categories: TV Host

1971 – He was born on the 30th day of July this year in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.


1990 – He had a short-lived career as a rapper in a group called Organized Rhyme.


2005 – He released his first solo rap album, titled Prepare For Impact. He has received offers from such rap artists as Spice 1 and Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys to appear on his raps.


1994 – The first incarnation of The Tom Green Show began in September this year as a cable access program on Rogers Television 22 in the Ottawa region until 1996.


1997 – He gained popularity in America, “The Tom Green Show” was a variety show format, where he would have guests visit the studio, and bands play before a live audience.


2000 – He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March this year, he stopped production on his TV show, but he continued to appear on the channel via reruns and other promotional materials. In addition, became engaged to actress Drew Barrymore. Green and Barrymore met after Barrymore, who was a fan of Green’s show, asked Green to appear in Charlie’s Angels, which Barrymore starred in and produced.


2001 – He appeared at the ceremony to accept his awards, making him the second recipient to do so in the award’s twenty-year history, following Paul Verhoeven for Showgirls in 1995.


2002 – He also starred in and directed a one-hour special called The Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour, where he tormented strangers in Japan.


2003 – He visited troops in Kosovo on a tour. He visited troops in the Persian Gulf on a 2004 tour.


2004 – His autobiography was released on the 12th of October this year. He also maintains a blog on his official website.


2005 – He starred in a children’s TV movie, Bob the Butler, and he has made guest appearances on various kid shows.


2006 – He appeared on America’s Got Talent. He rode a skateboard through a flaming hoop and appeared to be on fire for a few seconds and put out with extinguishers.