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Born: 1833 AD
Died: 1898 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Prince

1850 – The sixth son of Emperor Daoguang, he was made a prince of the first degree and became prominent at the top level of national government. 1860 –  In September, Emperor Xianfeng appointed him as the Imperial representative in charge of peace negotiations with the invading Anglo-French forces, which resulted in the Conventions of Peking in October. 1861 – His adoption of a more conciliatory attitude towards the West, he proposed to Emperor Xianfeng that a special government unit be set up to handle all foreign-trade-related matters, and the Zongli Yamen was established.          – Upon the death of Emperor Xianfeng, Prince Gong was the man who steered China’s foreign and military policies for the next two decades. 1884  – The Empress Dowager Cixi dismissed Prince Gong from all his official duties. 1894-1895 – During the Sino-Japanese War, he was reinstated to the top positions dealing with military and foreign affairs. He died a few years later.


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