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Giovanni Maria Mastai-Feretti

Born: 1792 AD
Died: 1878 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes

1792 – Born in Senigallia into the noble family of Girolamo dei conti Ferretti, on the 13th of May.

1819 – He was ordained.

1823 – He worked initially as the rector of the Tata Giovanni Institute in Rome before being sent to Chile and Peru.

1825 – To assist the Apostolic Nuncio, Msgr Giovanni Muzi, in the first mission to post-revolutionary South America.

1825 – He returned to become head of the hospital of San Michele in Rome and canon of Santa Maria in Via Lata.

1827 – Archbishop of Spoleto.

1831 – The abortive revolution that had begun in Parma and Modena spread to Spoleto; the Archbishop obtained a general pardon after it was suppressed, gaining him a reputation for being liberal.

1839 – He was moved to the more prestigious diocese of Imola, was made a cardinal in pectore.

1840 – He was publicly announced as Cardinal Priest of Santi Pietro e Marcellino.

1846 – Pius IX was crowned on the 21st of June and chose Cardinal Gizzi as his Secretary of State. Liberal Europe applauded his election.

         – In November, he denounced secret societies, the Bible associations, false philosophy, communism, and the press.

1869 – Convened 1st Vatican Council.

1870 – Established doctrine of ex cathedra papal infallibility.

1878 – Died on the 7th of February from natural causes.