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George Stephenson

Born: 1781 AD
Died: 1848 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Engineers

1781 – George Stephenson, born in Wylam, Northumberland, NE England, UK on the 9th of June. He was an English mechanical engineer who designed the famous and historically important steam locomotive named Rocket and is known as the "Father of Railways".

1801 – He obtained a situation as a brakesman.

1802 – He became an engineman at Willington Quay, where he took up watch and clock cleaning.

1804 – He moved to Killingworth.

1812 – He worked in a colliery, received a rudimentary education at night school, and became engine-wright.

1814 – At Killingworth where he constructed his first locomotive. The engine, which he named "My Lord".

1825 – Was appointed engineer of the railway, with liberty to carry out his own plans, the result being the opening, on the 27th of September, of the first railway over which passengers and goods were carried by a locomotive.

1829 – He is best remembered for the Rocket, an engine running at 58 km/36 mi an hour, built in collaboration with his son Robert for the Rainhill Trials.

1848 – He died on the 12th of August at Tapton House, Chesterfield, in the pursuit of farming and horticulture.