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George II

Born: 1890 AD
Died: 1947 AD
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1890 – Born on July 20th in Tatoi, near Athens, Greece. The king of Greece whose second reign was marked by the ascendancy of the military dictator Ioannis Metaxas.

1922-1924 – He was appointed as the King of Greece.

         – The eldest son of King Constantine I, George was excluded from the succession during World War I for his allegedly pro-German sympathies, but he came to the throne when his father was deposed by General Nikólaos Plastíras in September.

         – After a royalist coup d’état had been suppressed in October, George felt compelled to leave Greece on December 19th with his queen, Elizabeth.

         – In March, the Greek National Assembly voted the end of the monarchy and proclaimed Greece a republic.

1935 – His second reign as the King of Greece.

         – The king remained in exile until the conservative Populist Party, with the support of the army, gained control of the Assembly and declared the restoration of the monarchy in October.

1936 – General Ioannis Metaxas seized power after asserting that the nation was on the verge of being taken over by the communists.

1941-1946 – The king was forced into exile after the German invasion of Greece in April, going first to Crete, then to Alexandria, and finally to London. After the war republican sentiments again threatened his throne, but he was restored by a plebiscite supervised by the Allies and returned to Greece in September.

1947 – He died on April 1st in Athens and was succeeded by his brother Paul.

2.7 (53.85%) 13 votes