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Genscher, Hans-Dietrich

Born: 1927 AD
Currently alive, at 94 years of age.
Nationality: German
Categories: Diplomat

1927 – Born on March 21st in Reideburg, near Halle, Germany. German diplomat.

1949 – Settled in what became East Germany, studying law and economics at the universities in Halle and Leipzig and becoming a junior barrister.

1952 – Fled to West Germany and soon joined the Free Democratic Party, rising quickly in its official ranks in Bremen.

1969 – Free Democrats gave their support to the dominant Social Democrats in a coalition government, and Genscher became minister of the interior.

1974-1985 – Chairman of the West German Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei; FDP).

         – Foreign minister in both Social Democratic Party and Christian Democratic Union–Christian Social Union ministries, before and after German unification.

1989–1990 – Worked vigorously for German reunification and became the first foreign minister of the unified Germany.

1992-1998 – He resigned from the cabinet but remained a member of the Bundestag until his retirement.