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Garrick, David

Born: 1717 AD
Died: 1779 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Actors, Playwrights

1717 – Born on February 19th in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. English actor and theatrical manager, descended from a good French Protestant family named Garric or Garrique of Bordeaux, which had settled in England on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

1740 – His first dramatic piece, Lethe, or Aesop in the Shades, which he was thirty-seven years later to read from a splendidly bound transcript to King George III and Queen Charlotte, was played at Drury Lane on the 15th of April; and he became a well-known frequenter of theatrical circles.

1741 – His first appearance on the stage was made in March, incognito, as harlequin at Goodman’s Fields, Yates, who was ill, having allowed him to take his place during a few scenes of the pantomime entitled Harlequin Student, or The Fall of Pantomime with the Restoration of the Drama.

1742 – His fortune was now made, and while the managers of Covent Garden and Drury Lane resorted to the law to make Giffard, the manager of Goodman’s Fields, close his little theater, Garrick was engaged by Fleetwood for Drury Lane.

1746-1747 – He fulfilled a short engagement with Rich at Covent Garden, his last series of performances under a management not his own.

1749 – Married to Eva Maria Veigel on June 22nd.

1755-1762 – Among his published adaptations are an opera, The Fairies (from Midsummer Night’s Dream); an opera The Tempest; Catherine and Petruchio; Florizel and Perdita.

1766 – He wrote the play The Clandestine Marriage with George Colman.

1773 – Tate Wilkinson says that Garrick’s production of Hamlet was well received at Drury Lane even by the galleries, "though without their favorite acquaintances the gravediggers."

1779 – Died on January 20th in London, England.