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Gama, Vasco da

Born: 1469 AD
Died: 1524 AD
Nationality: Portuguese
Categories: Explorer, Governor General

Portuguese explorer



1495 – Appointed as governor of the Order of St. James


1498 – Led 1st expedition successfully to sail from Europe around Cape of Good Hope to Asia, leaving from Lisbon


1497 – Arrived at Calcutta


1497 – 1499 – Discovered India


1502 – Founded Portuguese colony in Mozambique


1503-1507 – Returned from India and around , Vasco da Gama was transferred to the Order of Christ, under the governorship of King Emmanuel I himself, in what can be seen as a means of solving his disputes with the Order of St. James over the lordship of Sines or as a sign of promotion.


1524Died on Christmas eve in Cochin, India.