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Gadsden, Christopher

Born: 1723 AD
Died: 1805 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: General, Patriot, Politician

1723 – Born on the 16th of February at Charleston, South Carolina.

Christopher was sent to school near Bristol, in England.

1741 – Returned to America to go to work in a counting house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1747 – Entered into mercantile ventures on his own account.

1759 – Served as captain of a militia company during the expedition against the Cherokee Indians.

1760 – Elected to the colonial assembly and began a long friction with autocratic Royal Governors.

1765 – The assembly made him one of their delegates to the Stamp Act Congress called to protest the Stamp Act.

Became one of the founders and leaders of the Charleston Sons of Liberty.

1774-1776 – South Carolina delegate to Continental Congress.

1775 – Risen to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the militia.

         – Colonel of the 1st South Carolina regiment of militia.

1776 – South Carolina President John Rutledge named him a Brigadier General in charge of the state’s military.

         – Creator and eponym of Gadsden flag 1776 (bearing rattlesnake and motto "Don’t tread on me", presented to South Carolina Provincial Congress 1776).

1778 – Member of the South Carolina convention that drafted a new state constitution.

         – Named the Lieutenant Governor, to replace Henry Laurens who was away at the Continental Congress.

1781 – Elected South Carolina Governor but declined the post.

1805 – He died from an accidental fall on 15th of September in Charleston, and is buried there in St. Phillip’s Churchyard.