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Friedmann Endre

Born: 1913 AD
Died: 1954 AD
Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Photographers

1913 – Robert Capa, born on the 22nd of October in Hungary. He was an American war photographer.

1933 – He came to Paris and from that time on recorded with profound concern the spectacle of humanity caught in war.

1936 – He covered the Spanish civil war, taking the photograph of a Loyalist at the instant of death that has become a classic.

1946 – He helped found Magnum, a select agency for photojournalists.

1938 – 1964 – His books include Death in the Making and Images of War.

1951 – In 18 years he covered five wars; the result is a powerful and very personal indictment of war.

1954 – He was killed in Vietnam by a Viet Minh land mine while photographing French combat troops on the 25th of May.