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Fried, Charles

Born: 1935 AD
Currently alive, at 86 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Jurist, Lawyers, Politician, Representative

1935 – Charles Fried, born on the 15th of April in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He is a prominent conservative American jurist and lawyer.

1948 – Became a United States citizen.

1956 – Studied at the Lawrenceville School and receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University.

1958 – 1960 – He attended Oxford University, where he earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Law.

1958 – Was awarded the Ordronnaux Prize in Law.

1960 – Received the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Columbia Law School, where he was a Stone Scholar.

1981 – 1983 – Advisory roles with the Department of Transportation.

1983 – Consulting relationship to the office of Ronald Reagan.

1984 – 1985 – As Special Assistant to the Attorney General of the United States.

1985 – In October, President Reagan appointed him as Solicitor General of the United States. He had previously served as Deputy Solicitor General and Acting Solicitor General. As Solicitor General, he represented the Reagan Administration before the Supreme Court in 25 cases.

1989 – When Reagan left office, he returned to Harvard Law School.

1995 – 1999 – He served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, while teaching constitutional law at Harvard Law School as a Distinguished Lecturer.

2005 – In September, he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the nomination of John Roberts to become Chief Justice of the United States.