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Frederick August Kittel

Born: 1945 AD
Died: 2005 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Playwrights, Writers

1945 – August Wilson born on the 27th of April in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wilson was the fourth of seven children. His father was a German immigrant baker, also named Frederick August Kittel, who seldom spent time with his family, and his mother was an African American cleaning woman, Daisy Wilson, from North Carolina. Born Frederick August Kitte was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American playwright.

1960 – He dropped out of Gladstone High School in the 9th grade when a teacher accused him of plagiarizing a 20-page paper on Napoleon.

1965 – August Kittel changed his name to August Wilson to honor his mother after his father died. That same year he discovered the blues as sung by Bessie Smith and bought a typewriter for $20 and started writing poetry.

1968 – Co-founded the Black Horizon Theater in the Hill District of Pittsburgh along with fellow resident Rob Penny, who went on to become associate professor of African studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

1969 – First marriage was to Brenda Burton. With Wilson’s oldest daughter, Sakina Ansari Wilson. The marriage ended 3 years after.

1978 – Moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota at the suggestion of his friend director Claude Purdy, who helped him secure a job writing educational scripts for the Science Museum of Minnesota.

1980 – He received a fellowship for the Minneapolis Playwrights Center.

1981 – Got married the second time to Judy Oliver, a social worker. That same year Wilson moved to Seattle.

1985 – Most famous plays are Fences which won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award.

1990 – The Piano Lesson a Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.

2005 – Died on the 2nd of October at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery on the 8th of October. He was survived by his third wife, costume designer Constanza Romero, and his two daughters, Sakina Ansari and Azula Carmen, daughter of Constanza.