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Fraser, Dawn

Born: 1937 AD
Currently alive, at 84 years of age.
Nationality: Australian
Categories: Athlete, Swimmer

1937 – Dawn Fraser, born on the 4th of September in Sydney, Australia. She is an Australian swimming winning gold medals in the 100m freestyle at three consecutive Olympics. She was the first woman to swim the 100m in under a minute and remains loved to this day for her larrikin ways and swimming ability.

1955 – She won her first national title.

1956 – 1964 – She became the only swimmer to win gold medals at three successive Olympic Games, winning the 100 metres freestyle  when she was 27, almost twice the age of the silver medallist.

1956 – Won two gold medals at the Melbourne Olympics.

1964 – She is also famous for being suspended from swimming after stealing the Olympic flag during the Tokyo Games.

1965 – Her hatred of rules and regulations led to constant battles with sporting officials. These conflicts brought her career to an abrupt and untimely end on 1st of March, when the Amateur Swimming Union of Australia banned her from competition for ten years.

1972 –  She was the first woman to break the one-minute barrier for 100 metres freestyle, and held that record.