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Fo, Dario

Born: 1926 AD
Currently alive, at 95 years of age.
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Actors, Composers, Playwrights, Satirists

1926 – Fo was born in the province of Varese on March 24, 1926.

1940 – Studied architecture at Brera Art Academy in Milan. World War II intervened his studies and his family is anti-fascist resistance. He helped his father to smuggle refugees and Allied soldiers to Switzerland. He continued his studies at Milan. Became involved in the small theaters movement.

1950 – Began to worked for Franco Parenti’s theater company.

1951 – Fo met Franca Rame and was engaged. He was invited to perform an act in radio. He was able to make 18 satirical monologues.

1953 – Directed his own satirical play. After the showing and success of the play, Fo was censured by the government and church.

1954 – Fo and Rame were married on June 24, 1954. He worked in the Piccolo Teatro in Milan but suffered censureship for his satires.

1955 – Fo and Rame as couple worked in a movie production in Rome.

1959 – Fo and his wife returned to Milan and founded the Dario Fo-Franca Rame Theater Company. For is in-charged of the scripts, acting, directing and designing costumes and stage paraphernalia.

1960 – Gained national recognition with the play "Archangels Don’t Play Pinball" in a theater in Milan.

1962 – Fo wrote and directed a game show for RAI. The couple was banned from RAI for the next 15 years and continued their work in Teatro Odeon.

1968 – Fo and his wife founded the "Associazione Nuova Scena" theater collective with movalbe stage. They toured in Italy. They were able to turn an abandoned factory building in a theater.

1980 – Fo and family founded a retreat in the hills near Gubbio and Perugia. The couple bought the valley lot bit by bit.

1981 – Received a Sonning Award from Copenhagen University. The America Repertory Theater in Cambridge invited Fo to perform in the Italian Theater in New York.

1997 – Received the Nobel Prize for Literature on October 9, 1997.