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Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Justinianus

Born: 4830 AD
Died: 5651 AD
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Roman ruler.


Eastern Roman Emperor 9 August 525 AD – 14 November 565 AD.


Reign as Imperator Caesar Justinianus Augustus.


483 AD – Born on May 11th in Tauresina, Illyricum. Eastern Roman Emperor, noted for his administrative reorganization of the imperial government.


518 AD – He became the administrator for Justin, who named Justinian as his successor.


523 AD – Married to Theodora, a former actress.


527 AD – On the death of his uncle, he became the Eastern Roman Emperor.


534 AD – Noted for his sponsorship of a codification of laws known as the Codex Justinianus.


565 AD – Died on November 14th in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey).

1.8 (35.94%) 64 votes