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Flanner, Janet

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1978 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Columnist, Journalist, Writers

1892 – Janet Flanner, born on the 13th of March in Indianapolis, Indiana, daughter of Frank and Mary Flanner. She was an American writer and journalist.

1912 – She enrolled in the University of Chicago.

1918 – Married William "Lane" Rehm, a friend that she had made while at the University of Chicago. He was an artist in New York City, and she later admitted that she married him to get out of Indianapolis.

       – Met Solita Solano (Sarah Wilkinson). They met in Greenwich Village, and the two became lifelong lovers, although both became involved with other lovers throughout their relationship.

1925 – Published her first "Letter from Paris" in The New Yorker, launched the previous February, launching a professional association destined to last for five decades.

1932 – She fell in love with Noel Haskins Murphy who was a singer from a village just outside Paris, and had a short-lived romance.This did not affect her relationship with Solano.

1936 – Her work during World War II included not only her famous "Letter from Paris" (disrupted for a period) and seminal pieces on Hitler’s rise.

1948 – She was made a knight of Legion d’Honneur.

1958 – She was awarded an honorary doctorate by Smith College.

1978 – Died on the 7th of November and was cremated and her ashes were scattered with Murphy’s over Cherry Grove in Fire Island.