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Fine, Larry

Born: 1902 AD
Died: 1975 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Comedians

1902 – Born- October 5th,  Philadelphia, PA



1920s-30s – As Larry Fine, he first performed as a violinist in vaudeville at an early age. he met Moe Howard and Ted Healy. Howard and his brother Shemp had been working as audience stooges for Healy. Shemp left soon after to attempt a solo career and was in turn replaced by another brother, Curly. Larry’s trademark bushy hair came out, according to rumor, from his first meeting with Healy, in which he had just wet his hair in a basin, and as they talked, it dried oddly. Healy told him to keep the zany hairstyle and, according to a 1973 radio interview with Moe: …So Healy said ‘Would you like to be one of the stooges and make three instead of two?’ And Larry said ‘Yes, I would love that.’ Healy said ‘I’ll give you ninety bucks a week.’ ‘Fine.’ He also said, ‘I’ll give you an extra ten dollars a week if you throw that fiddle away.’



1927 – Married Mabel Haney, they had one son and one daughter



1933-1959 – He is in over 200 Three Stooges shorts films.



1920s?-1970 – member of the Three Stooges



1960? – After Columbia shut down its shorts department, the Stooges took their act on the road. What they didn’t know was that they had found a renewed popularity thanks to television. Larry’s sister said when the train pulled into some town, there was a mob of people waiting. Larry wondered who the V.I.P. was; they had no idea the crowd of people waiting was for them.



1959-1969 – The new Stooges fame came from showing their shorts on TV in the 1950s. Columbia Pictures released a batch of the trio’s films. The popularity brought the Stooges to a new audience and revitalized their careers. It also brought the Fines a steady source of income, which they sorely needed.