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Filippo Romolo de' Neri

Born: 1515 AD
Died: 1595 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Priests, Saint

1515 – Born on July 21st in Florence, Italy.

1531 – When he was about sixteen years old, a fire destroyed nearly all his father’s property. Philip was sent to his father’s childless brother Romolo, a merchant at San Germano, a Neapolitan town near the base of Monte Cassino, to assist him in his business, and with the hope that he might inherit his possessions.

1533 – He left San Germano, and went to Rome, where he became tutor in the house of a Florentine gentleman named Galeotto Caccia.

1538 – He entered on that course of home mission work which was the distinguishing characteristic of his life; somewhat in the manner of Socrates he traversed the city, seizing opportunities of entering into conversation with persons of all ranks, and of leading them on with playful irony, with searching questions, with words of wise and kindly counsel, to consider the topics he desired to set before them.

1548 – He founded the celebrated confraternity of the Santissima Trinità de’ Pellegrini e de’ Convalescente, whose primary object is to minister to the needs of the thousands of poor pilgrims who flock to Rome, especially in years of jubilee, and also to relieve the patients discharged from hospitals, but still too weak for labor.

1551 – Passed through all the minor orders, and was ordained deacon, and finally priest on the 23rd of May.

1575 – After taking possession of their new quarters that Neri formally organized, under permission of a bull dated July 15th, a community of secular priests, entitled the Congregation of the Oratory.

1595 – Died on May 26th in Rome, Italy. Neri continued in the government of the Oratory until his death and was succeeded by Baronius.