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Ferguson, James

Born: 1710 AD
Died: 1776 AD
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Astronomers, Scientist

1710 – James Ferguson, born on the 25th of April in Rothiemay in Banffshire of parents in very humble circumstances. He was a Scottish astronomer and instrument maker.

1720 – He was sent to a neighboring farm to keep sheep, where in the daytime he amused himself by making models of mills and other machines, and at night in studying the stars.

1734 – He went to Edinburgh, where he began to take portraits in miniature, by which means, while engaged in his scientific studies, he supported himself and his family for many years.

1743 – He went to London, which was his home for the rest of his life.

1748 – Began to give public lectures on experimental philosophy. These he repeated in most of the principal towns in England.

1763 – He wrote various papers for the Royal Society of London, of which he became a fellow, devised astronomical and mechanical models.

1776 – He died in London on the 17th of November.