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Faulkner, Daniel J.

Born: 1955 AD
Died: 1981 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Police Officer

1955 – Born on the 21st of December to an Irish-Catholic Family in Southwest Philadelphia, He is the youngest of seven children.

         – Prior to graduating from high school, Faulkner left to join the United States Army.

         In the army, he earned his diploma and an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

1975 – When he left the army this year, he worked briefly as a corrections officer.

         He later joined the Philadelphia Police Department.

         While working, he enrolled in a community college to earn his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He hoped to eventually become a prosecutor for the district attorney’s office.

1979 – Faulkner married Maureen this year and settled down with her in Philadelphia.

1981 – On the 9th of December, Faulkner pulled over William Cook, the borther of Mumia Abu-Jamal (born Wesley Cook). While Faulkner attempted to arrest Cook, Abu-Jamal arrived and shot Faulkner in the back. Faulkner was able to return fire before he feel to the ground, wounding Abu-Jamal in the chest. However, Abu-Jamal stood over the fallen officer and emptied his revolver into Faulkner at close range. One of the shots was on Faulkner’s face. Faulkner was pronounced dead this day.

1982 – Abu-Jamal was immediately charged and covicted of Faulkner’s murder.

         Daniel Faulkner Memorial Highway is a section of U.S. Route 1 that passes through Northeast Philadelphia.