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Euler, Leonhard

Born: 1707 AD
Died: 1783 AD
Nationality: Swiss
Categories: Mathematicians, Physicists

1707 – Leonhard Euler, born on the 15th of April in in Basel to Paul Euler, a pastor of the Reformed Church, and Marguerite Brucker, a pastor’s daughter. He is a Swiss mathematician who was tutored by Johann Bernoulli.

1730 – He became professor of physics.

1733 – He succeeded Daniel Bernoulli in the chair of mathematics.

1735 – He lost sight in his right eye.

1736 – Lost his left eye.

1741 – He accepted the invitation of Frederick the Great to Berlin, where he was made a member of the Academy of Sciences and professor of mathematics.

1742 – He continued his philosophical contributions to the Academy of St. Petersburg, which granted him a pension.

1748 – He made significant contributions to the study of differential equations. His Introducio in analysin infinitorum provided the foundations of analysis.

1755 – He had been elected a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences at Paris, and some time afterwards the academical prize was adjudged to three of his memoirs Concerning the Inequalities in the Motions of the Planets.

1772 – He introduced a synodic coordinates (rotating) coordinate system to the study of the three-body problem Eric Weisstein’s World of Physics especially the Moon.

1783 – He died of apoplexy on the 7th of September, while he was amusing himself at tea with one of his grandchildren.