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Erik Barrett

Born: 1984 AD
Currently alive, at 37 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Activists

Erik Barrett, Born "Erik DeSean Barrett" was always known as a guy of excellence.  it was his passion to excel at everything that he accomplished.   Working in numerous organizations from the age of nine, until this present time, Erik has experienced a vast amount, yet still seeks to learn more.

Erik a native of Norfolk Virginia, home to the largest military base in the world, is no stranger to the pain, suffering,  and confusion our generation faces.  Knowing who he wanted to become, yet having to deal with those who would discourage him, Erik found himself buried deep in a whole of depression.

Erik mastered everything he touched, yet lacked the confidence to sustain his efforts.

1989 – Erik Delivered His first speech during bible study to his church. At the age of five, he was already blessed with a talent to dazzle crowds, and inspire hearts. 

1993 – He Joined the Cub Scouts of America Pack 77 excelling high in the organization, earning the highest awards presented to a Cub Scout, the Arrow of Light

1997 – He Joined the Boy Scout Troop 77, their again achieving high honors, mastering his talents and abilities.  becoming the Troop scribe, patrol leader, senior patrol leader and upon is departure in 2001 as junior assistant scoutmaster

1998 – He was inducted into one of scouting most treasured organizations, The Order of the Arrow.  upon his induction, he found himself attending meetings on a regular basis, most time going as the only black member.  He served in that organization for two years.

1999 – If Erik hadn’t  already earned enough and done enough, to cultivate a decade of success, he closed his chapter to boyhood opening a chapter to teenager.  He joined the NJROTC, not really believing that he was cut out for the military, he at the advice of his grandmother continued in the programs.

2000 – Erik Begin yet again racking up accomplishments, becoming and achieving levels that he was told he would never accomplish.

2001 – Erik had risen a level of success in ROTC, matched by no one of his kind.

2002 – He departed ROTC holding the third highest rank in the entire company, LTJG!

 "All of this sounds wonderful looking back, Erik Says, but honestly it was if I didn’t know what to do next.  I went to College, but honestly i didn’t know why i was their, I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but their was never anyone their who was able to assist me.  I studied History in College, that seemed to be something that I enjoyed but what would I do with that? I had no idea"

2003 – Erik Worked in Ministry for Mount Olive Word of Life Church.  Even though slight depression, Erik continued to succeed.  Helping to maintain a strong Men’s Department, Media Organization as well as literature publishings.

2007 – Erik Made a decision that would rock his very foundation after twenty three years of life eighteen of those spent in one church, serving in one area, he decided to broaden his horizon, and set out on a new adventure.

2008 – Erik became apart of the Big Serve Missions team of First Baptist Church of Norfolk, serving with its Missions Pastor Rev. Craig Clayton.  Erik saw him as huge mentor in his life, a man that allowed him to see life from a different angle, from a side that he had never experienced before.

2009 – Erik Declined the opportunity to become a profession minister, he now new that his passion was on the field, working with those that needed help, the ones that may never step foot in the church door, unless someone one the inside, works their way to the outside.

2010 – Erik founded three organizations

          – Erik Barrett Enterprises

          – Erik Nation of Excellence

          – Neas Production Company

These three organizations work together to provide quality entertainment, education and encouragement to our generation.

 Erik Barrett Enterprises, provides shows both secular and religious. 

Erik Nation of Excellence, seeks to train our generation to seek excellence, to take the steps, to becoming what God has purposed you to become.  through this we have a conference called Erik’s Dreamers Academy.  This takes students ages 16-21, uniting them together for the purpose of helping them find themselves.  Also we have programs centered around our single moms, our guys, and seniors, all with a purpose of finding a solution to their problems.

Neas Productions: This organization is dear to Erik’s heart, because its what he enjoys the most.  This organization produces all the shows of EBE & ENE, as well as stage plays, and soon movie productions.


Erik will tell you, that all he has accomplished in his life is because of God almighty. He created him to tell a story, that we can change, we can be successful, we can "bring a reformation, to our generation"