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Erdogan, Recep Tayyip

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 67 years of age.
Nationality: Turkmen
Categories: Politician

 1954 – Born on the 26th of February in Kas1mpa_a, Istanbul, Turkey.

1980 – He gave up football and left to work in the private sector after the military coup.

1982 – He served as a commissioned officer for mandatory military service.

1985 – He became the Welfare Party’s chairman in Istanbul Province.

        – He stood for election as mayor of the cosmopolitan Beyolu, Istanbul, Turkey.

1991 – He was elected as a Member of Parliament from Istanbul Province.

1997 – He recited a well-known poem at a public meeting in Siirt in southeastern Turkey.

1998 – He was tried and convicted of inciting religious hatred.

1999 – He was sentenced to ten months imprisonment of which he served four months only.

2003 – He became the prime minister of Turkey on the 14th of March.

2004 – He became the first Turkish Prime Minister to visit Greece since 1988.

2006 – He suffered while in public a mild shock due to hypoglycemia.

        – He gave a speech in New York, United States.