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Emmet, Robert

Born: 1778 AD
Died: 1803 AD
Nationality: Irish
Categories: Nationalist

1778 – Born on the 4th of March in Ireland.

1797 – The Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, Lord Kilwarden, chief prosecutor of William Orr, was dragged from his carriage and hacked to death.

1798 – The preparations for the uprising were successfully concealed, but a premature explosion at one of Emmet’s arms depots killed a man and forced Emmet to bring forward the date of the rising before the authorities’ suspicions were aroused.

1802 – During a brief lull in the Napoleonic Wars Emmet joined an Irish delegation to Napoleon asking for support. However the delegation returned unsuccessfully.

1803 – Emmet returned to Ireland and together with other revolutionaries such as Thomas Russell and James Hope , prepared to launch a new rebellion.

         – Died on the 20th of September.