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Eliasson, Jan

Born: 1940 AD
Currently alive, at 81 years of age.
Nationality: Swiss
Categories: Politician

1940 – Born on the 17th of September in Gothenburg, Sweden.

1957 – He was an American Field Service exchange student in Indiana, United States of America.

1962 – He graduated from the Swedish Naval Academy in Sweden.

1965 – He earned a Master’s degree in Economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics and
           Commercial Law, Gothenburg, Sweden.

        – He started his diplomatic career in Sweden.

        – He served as a Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

1980 – He was part of the United Nations mission, mediating in the Iran-Iraq War.

1982 – He served as Diplomatic Advisor to the Swedish Prime Minister.

1983 – He served as a Director General for Political Affairs in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

1988 – He served as Sweden’s Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, United States.

1991 – He served as a Chairman of the United Nations General Assembly.

1992 – He was appointed as a first Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs in United Nations.

1994 – He holds honorary degrees from American University, U.S.A.

        – He as a State Secretary of Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

2000 – He Served as Sweden’s Ambassador to the United Nation in New York.

2005 – He was elected President of the United Nation General Assembly.