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Eleanor of Provence

Born: 1223 AD
Died: 1291 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Queen

1223 – Born in Aix-en-Provence to Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Breatrice of Savoy.

1236 – On the 14th of January, she was married to Henry III, King of England at Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England which was officiated by Edmund Rich.

1236 – Because of her marriage, she was styled as Queen Consort Eleanor of England on the 20th of January.

1239 – Her first son, Edward I, was born on the 17th of June.

1240 – Margaret of England, her first daughter, was born on the 29th of September.

1242 – She gave birth to her second daughter, Beatrice of England, on the 25th of June.

1245 – On the 16th of January, Edmund "Crouchback" Plantagenet, was born as Eleanor’s second son.

1246 – Her son Edward was deathly ill and she stayed with him at the abbey at Beaulieu for three weeks.

1247 – She gives birth to another son, Richard of England.

1249 – Due to her influence, King Henry granted the duchy of Gascony to Edward.

1251 – She gives birth to William of England.

1253 – She gave birth to her last daughter, Katharine, on the 25th of November.

1256 – She gives birth to her last son and child, Henry of England.

1263 – On the 13th of July while sailing down Thames on a barge, her barge was attacked by the citizens of London. In fear for her life, she was rescued by Thomas FitzThomas, mayor of London, and took refuge at the house of the Bishop of London.

1264 – 1264 – During the ascendancy of Simon de Montfort, she raised mercenaries in France for her husband’s cause.

1284 – She became a nun on the 7th of July in Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury, Wiltshire.

1291 – She died on the 26th of June in Amesbury, England.