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Elchanan Elkes

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1944 AD
Nationality: Lithuanian
Categories: Neurologist, Physicians

1879 – Born in  the western Lithuanian village of Kalvarija.


1903 – He received his medical degree in neurology and other specialties.


1912  – he married Miriam Albin, who bore him two children, a son, Joel, and a daughter, Sara.


           – During the First World War, Elkes served as a physician in the Russian Army and was awarded a
number of decorations. 


1923 – He was head of the department of internal medicine in the Bikkur Holim Jewish hospital in Kovno.


1943 – He was granted an audience with SS Standartenführer Karl Jäger, formerly commander of Einsatzkommando 3 of Einsatzgruppe A, and by then head of the Sicherheitspolizei and SD for Lithuania, a man whose infamous report of 9 February 1942 had boasted of killing 138,272 people, more than 98% of whom were Jews and 34,464 of whom were children.


         – He was able to free a few of the Jews who were to meet their doom during World War II.


1944 – He died there on 17 October,  after a hunger strike, having refused to participate in "selections" in the camp.