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Edward Talbot

Born: 1555 AD
Died: 1595 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Alchemist

1555 – Born in Worcester on the 1st of August.

1582 – Kelley approached John Dee, initially under the name Edward Talbot. Dee had already been trying to contact angels with the help of a "scryer" or crystal-gazer, but he had not been successful. Kelley professed the ability to do so, and impressed Dee with his first trial.

1582 – Kelley’s life was closely tied to Dee’s.

1583 – Dee became acquainted with Prince Albert Aaski, a Polish nobleman interested in alchemy.

1587 – Kelley revealed to Dee that the angels had ordered them to share everything they had including their wives.

1586 – Kelley and Dee found the patronage of the wealthy Bohemian count Vilem Rožmberk.

1590 – Kelley was living an opulent life. He received several estates and large sums of money from Rožmberk.

1591 – Rudolf had Kelley arrested in May and imprisoned in the KYivoklát Castle outside Prague.

1594 – Kelley agreed to cooperate and produce gold; he was released and restored to his former status.

1597 – Died on the 1st of November at the age of forty-two. A tradition has him dying while trying to escape: the story goes that he used an insufficiently long rope to lower himself from a tower, fell and broke his leg, and died from his injuries