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Edmund Fisk Green

Born: 1842 AD
Died: 1901 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Historian

1842 – Born at Hartford on the 20th of March.

1855 – On the second marriage of his mother, he assumed the name of his maternal great-grandfather, John Fiske. As a child, he exhibited remarkable precocity.

1963 – He graduated from Harvard College.

1865 – Harvard Law School.

         – He practiced as a lawyer for a brief interval, before dedicating himself to popularisation and philosophical interpretation of Darwin’s work and producing many books and essays on this subject.

1874 – In a letter from Charles Darwin to John Fiske, the great naturalist remarks: "I never in my life read so lucid an expositor as you are."

1887 – He edited, with Gen. James Grant Wilson, Appleton’s Cyclopœdia of American Biography.

1892 – He turned to historical writings, publishing books such as The Discovery of America.

1901 – Died, worn out by overwork, at Gloucester, Mass on the 4th of July.