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Eco, Umberto

Born: 1932 AD
Currently alive, at 89 years of age.
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Critics, Novelists, Writers

1932 – Umberto Eco, born on the 5th of January in the city of Alessandria in the region of Piedmont. His father, Giulio, was an accountant before the government called upon him to serve in three wars.  An Italian critic, philosopher and historian specializing in medieval history.

1959 – His first important book was Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages. D

1960 – He taught at several Italian universities and wrote essays for the avant-garde magazine Il Verri.
1970 – He took a position as a professor at the University of Bologna.

1976 – Furthered his reputation with columns, essays and books such as A Theory of Semiotics.

1980 – His first novel, The Name of the Rose, was published and was a surprise bestseller.

1986 – Vaulting him to international fame, a film version starred Sean Connery.

1984 – He has continued teaching and writing, publishing non-fiction books such as Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language.

1988 – 2000 – Published popular novels such as Foucault’s Pendulum and Baudolino.