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Eadie, John

Born: 1810 AD
Died: 1876 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Ministers

1810 – Born on the 9th of May at Alva, Stirlingshire.


1835 – He became minister of the Cambridge Street Secession church in Glasgow, Scotland.


1843 – He was appointed professor of Biblical Literature and Hermeneutics in the Divinity Hall of the United

Presbyterian body.


1844 – He received his Doctor of Law degree.

1863 – Moved with a proportion of his congregation to a new kirk at Lansdowne Crescent.  Cambridge Street was in one of the poorer parts of Glasgow, in stark contrast to Lansdowne Crescent, which also happened to be where the Eadie family lived.  Hence the popular ditty of the time "This church was not built for the poor and needy, but for the rich, and Doctor Eadie."

1876 – He died on the 3rd of June in Glasgow, Scotland.