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Drew McQueen Bledsoe

Born: 1972 AD
Currently alive, at 48 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Football Player

1972 – Born on the 14th of February.

1993 – Bledsoe was drafted 1st overall in the draft by the New England Patriots.

         – Quarterback for New England Patriots.

1994 – He set the record for most pass attempts and completions in a game on the 13th of November, against the Minnesota Vikings.

1997 – He once again found himself in the playoffs, but lost the second game to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2002 – Bledsoe’s former division rival Buffalo seemed to give him a bit of rejuvenation. He had one of his best seasons ever, passing for 4,359 yards and making his fourth trip to the Pro Bowl.

2004 – Quarterback for Buffalo Bills.

2005 – Quarterback for Dallas Cowboys.

2006 – He was replaced by Tony Romo. Shortly after the season, Bledsoe was released by the second team in his career. In the months following the season, Bledsoe retired from the NFL. He finished seventh all-time in yards passing, 13th in touchdown passes and fifth in completions.