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Dr. Joseph Warren

Born: 1741 AD
Died: 1775 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Doctors, Military Officer, Physicians, Soldier

1741 – Dr. Joseph Warren, born on the 11th of June in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was an American doctor and soldier, remembered for playing a leading role in American Patriot organizations in Boston and for his death as a volunteer private soldier while also serving as chief executive of the revolutionary Massachusetts government.

1759 – He graduated from Harvard College at the age of 18.

1760 – 1761 – He taught in a school at Roxbury.

1764 – Studied medicine, and began to practice in Boston.

1772 – He and Adams were the two leading members of the first Boston committee of correspondence, chosen.

1772 – 1775 – His best-known orations were those delivered in Old South Church on the second and fifth anniversaries of the "Boston Massacre."

1774 – As chairman of a committee appointed for the purpose, he drafted the famous "Suffolk Resolves", which were unanimously adopted by a convention at Milton on the 9th of September.

1774 – 1775 – As a member of the first three provincial congresses, president of the third, and an active member of the committee of public safety.

1775 – He took an active part in the fighting on the 19th of April, was appointed major-general of the Massachusetts troops, next in rank to Artemas Ward, on the 14th of June.

       – Died on the 17th of June in Breed’s Hill, Massachusetts.