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Douglas, James

Born: 1702 AD
Died: 1768 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Astronomers, Scientist

1702 – James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton, born in Edinburgh. He was interested in science. Physicist and astronomer.

1733 – Elected Fellow of the Royal Society. His correspondence with Franklin consists, for the most part, of short social invitations.

1738 –  He succeeded as 14th Earl of Morton on 4th of January.

1763 – 1764 – He was on the Council of the Royal Society and was the President until his death.

1768 – He died on the 12th of October.

1769 – He played an active and central role in the preparations for an expedition to observe the Transit of Venus.

       – His will was proven in April. Prob. 11/947. Moreton Island (27° 11’S, 153° 24’E) and Cape Moreton (27° 02’S, 153° 28’E) (both with an extra e) on the southern Queensland coast, near Brisbane, were named after him.