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Domenikos Theotokopoulos

Born: 1541 AD
Died: 1614 AD
Nationality: Greek
Categories: Painters

1541 – El Greco, the name commonly given to Dominico Theotocopuli, a Cretan painter, architect and sculptor. He was born in Crete and announces his Cretan origin by his signature in Greek letters on his most important pictures, especially on the "St. Maurice" in the Escorial. 1570 – He appears to have studied art first of all in Venice, and on arriving in Rome is described as having been a pupil of Titian, in a letter written by the miniaturist, Giulio Clovio, addressed to Cardinal Alessandro Farnesi.          – His first authentic portrait is that of his fellow-countryman, Giulio Clovio. It was signed in Greek characters, and preserved at Naples, and the last portrait he painted under the influence of the Italian school appears to be that of a cardinal now in the National Gallery, of which four replicas painted in Spain are known. 1577 – He appears to have come to Spain, but, on being questioned two years later in connection with a judicial suit, as to when he arrived in the country, and for what purpose he came, declined to give any information. 1578-1590 – He painted the "History of St. Maurice" for Philip II and his masterpiece, entitled "The Burial of the Count Orgaz." This magnificent picture, one of the finest in Spain, is at last being appreciated, and can only be put a little below the masterpieces of Diego Velázquez. 1595-1600 – El Greco executed two groups of paintings in the church of San José at Toledo, and in the hospital of La Caridad, at Illescas. 1614 – He died on the 7th of April, and the date of his death is one of the very few certain facts which we have respecting him. The record informs us that he made no will, that he received the sacraments, and was buried in the church of Santo Domingo.