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Domanovic, Radoje

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1908 AD
Nationality: Serbian
Categories: Educators, Satirists, Writers

1873 – Domanovic was born in a village Ovsiste on February 4, 1873.

1890-1894 – Domanovic studied at the history and philology department of the Great School in Belgrade. He read some of his first works to the members of a student organization Pobratimstvo. He published his first work, a short story "Na meseèini" ("In the Moonlight"), in a magazine Javor.

1895 – Domanovic got his first post as a lecturer in a gymnasium in Pirot. There he met Jaša Prodanoviæ, who was transferred to that school as a punishment. At that time, Domanovic joined Radikalna Stranka (The Radical Party), and got married to Natalija Ristic. After nine months, he was transferred, as a punishment on request of his political rivals, to a gymnasium in Vranje. On the same account, after a year in Vranje, he was transferred to Leskovac.

1898 – Following a critical speech on the position of teachers in 1898, he was dissmissed from his post, along with his wife. As a response, he wrote a short story "Ukidanje strasti" ("Abolishing Passion").

1899 – Domanovic published two collections of short stories and his famous story "Danga" first appeared.

1900 – Domanovic got a post as a clerk in the State’s Archive.

1902 – After Domanovic published "Stradija", he was again dismissed from his post. He started writing editorials for magazine Odjek.

1903 – Domanovic returned to his post, and soon got a stipendy to work on his stories. It was rumoured that the coup saved his life, since he was on a list for liquidation of the old government.

1904 – Domanovic started a magazine "Stradija", that had 35 editions.

1908 – Domanovic died on August 4, 1908. He was a Serbian writer and teacher, most famous for his satirical short stories. He criticized the Serbian monarchy in his works, for which he was continuously punished.