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Dobzhansky, Theodosius Grygorovych

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1975 AD
Nationality: Ukrainian
Categories: Evolutionist, Geneticist

1900 – Born on January 25th in Nemirov, Ukraine. Ukrainian-American geneticist and evolutionist whose work had a major influence on 20th-century thought and research on genetics and evolutionary theory.

1912 – Dobzhansky already knew what he wanted to be and later told people that "there was no question that I wanted to become a biologist" and he planned to study nature science in the University of Kiev.

1921 – He completed the requirements for his undergraduate degree, although he never formally received a diploma.

         – He took an academic position as an Assistant with the Faculty of Agriculture at the Polytechnic Institute of Kiev.

         – He began his acquaintance with modern genetics.

1927 – Dobzhansky had reached a frustrating plateau in his efforts to understand evolution in nature.

         – He and his wife arrived in the United States and started to work with Morgan and his group.

1932 – He wrote an article on variation and evolution of lady-beetles for publication in the American Naturalist.

1975 – Died on December 18th in San Jacinto.