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Dmytryk, Edward

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1999 AD
Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Director, Film Director

1908 – Edward Dmytryk, born on the 4th of September in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada. He was an American film director who was amongst the Hollywood Ten, a group of blacklisted film industry professionals who served time in prison for being in contempt of Congress during the McCarthy era red scare.

1939 – At the age of 31, he became a naturalized citizen.

1944 – His Murder, My Sweet, the latter an adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s Farewell My Lovely.

1947 – His best known films from the pre-McCarthy period of his career were Crossfire, for which he received a Best Director Oscar nomination.

1951 – In April, he appeared before HUAC for the second time, answering all questions. He spoke of his own Party past, a very brief membership, including the naming of twenty-six former members of left-wing groups.

1954 – He moved to England, and Stanley Kramer hired him to direct a trio of low-budget films before handing Dmytryk The Caine Mutiny.

1959 – The memorable Western Warlock, which he also produced, his work had lost much of the emotional urgency and psychological thrust represented by his early film noir Crossfire.

1999 – Died on the 1st of July in Encino, California due to Heart Failure at the age of 90.