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Born: 2590 AD
Died: 2681 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Popes, Saint

His exact date of birth was unknown, though it was assumed that he was born in Greater Greece (Southern Italy).


259 AD – His papacy began on the 22nd day of July this year after the martyrdom of Sixtus II in 258. He served his papacy until the time of his death. The Holy See had been vacant for nearly a year due to difficulty in electing a new pope during the violent persecution, which Christians faced.


260 AD – When the persecution had begun to subside, Dionysius was raised to the office of Bishop of Rome. Emperor Valerian I, who had led the persecution, was captured and killed by the King of Persia in this year. He sent large sums of money to the churches of Cappadocia, which had been devastated by the marauding Goths, to rebuild and to ransom those held captive. He brought order to the Church and procured a peace after Emperor Gallienus issued an edict of toleration, which was to last until 303.


268 AD – He passed away on the 26th day of December of this year in Rome, Italy.


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