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Diesel, Rudolf

Born: 1858 AD
Died: 1913 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Engineers, Inventor

1858 – Born in Paris on the 18th of March.

         – He became a connoisseur of the fine arts and an internationalist.

1883 – He married, and had three children.

1885 – He set up his first shop-laboratory in Paris, and began full-time work on his engine.

1892 – He published a paper on his work, “The Theory and Construction of a Rational Heat Engine Substitute for the Steam Engine and Today’s Combustion Engines.

1892 – On the 27th of February, Diesel applied to the German Patent office for his engine design.

1893 – On the 23rd of February, he is granted the first patent for his "Working Method and Design for Combustion Engines.

1893 – Diesel began building a prototype engine, which was ready for testing by July.

1894 – Diesel was allowed to go further, about seven months later, a major milestone was achieved when he was able to run a single piston engine for one minute on the 17th of February.

1897 – He built an improved prototype while working at the Maschinenfabrik Augsburg plant at Augsburg.

1898 – Rudolf Diesel was granted US patent for an "internal combustion engine," the Diesel engine, and the first US production of Diesel engines began.

1913 – On the 29th of September, while in Antwerp, Diesel boarded the SS Dresden ferry to cross the English Channel. The next morning, the steward discovered that Diesel’s cabin was empty. Diesel’s body was found in the Scheldt river on the 18th of October.