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Davy, Humphry Sir

Born: 1778 AD
Died: 1829 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Chemists

1778 – He was born in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom on the 17th of December. Discovered elements barium, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, strontium. Mentor of Michael Faraday.

1800 – Alessandro Volta announced his invention of the first electric pile or battery.

1802 – He used a version of the electric battery that was then the most powerful in the world to heat a thin strip of platinum to incandescence.

1808 – Demonstrated the first arc light by drawing a brilliant white arc between two carbon electrodes connected to the battery.

1812 – He was knighted, gave a farewell lecture to the Royal Institution, and married a wealthy widow, Jane Apreece. .

1813 – He and his wife, traveled to France to collect a medal that Napoleon Bonaparte had awarded Davy for his electro-chemical work.

1815 – Returned to England and he produces the Davy lamp, which was used by miners.

       – Suggested that acids were substances that contained replaceable hydrogen

1818 – Awarded a baronetcy.

1820 – 1827 – He became President of the Royal Society.

1824 – Proposed mounted chunks of iron to the hull of a copper clad ship in the first use of cathodic protection.

1829 – Died in Switzerland on 29th of May and was buried in the Plain Palais Cemetery in Geneva.