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David Hampton

Born: 1964 AD
Died: 2003 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Felon, Thief

1964 – Born in Buffalo, New York.

1981 – Moved to New York City.

1983 – Stumbled upon his now-famous ruse, when he and a friend were trying to get into Studio 54.

1983 – In October, he was arrested and convicted for his frauds and was ordered to pay restitution of $4,490 to his various victims.

1990 – Playwright John Guare became interested in Hampton’s story through his friendship with two of his duped hosts. Osborn and Inger Elliott, who were outraged to find "David Poitier" in bed with another man the morning after they let him into their home. "Six Degrees of Separation" opened at Lincoln Center in May, and became a long-running success.

1991 – He attempted to turn the play’s success to his own advantage, giving interviews to the press, gate-crashing a producers’ party, and beginning a campaign of harassment against Guare that included phone calls and death threats, prompting Guare to apply for a restraining order in April.
1991 – He filed a $100 million lawsuit, claiming that the play had stolen the copyright on his persona and his story. His lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

2003 – Died of AIDS-related complications in Passaic, New Jersey.